Do you use a transport management system? Enhance it with loading planning functions

Transport management systems aim to offer comprehensive solutions for forwarding, logistics and transport companies. Their functionality includes each stage of load transport – from selecting the right contractor, through route planning and monitoring, to settlement of transport.

Loading planning integrated with TMS

One of the advantages of TMSs is the possibility to adjust their functionality to the users’ needs and help them with better planning and management of transpor Designers of Goodloading, a web application for load planning, have prepared API that allows for integration with transport management tools, such as TMS, WMS or ERP. Those systems which implement Goodloading API will be able to offer functionalities available within the application.

Almost every day we are asked about the possibility of integration between Goodloading and TMS, WMS and ERP systems as well as route planners. Users prefer having access to all the tools in one place. That is why we decided to prepare API’, says Bogumił Paszkiewicz, the Goodloading producer.

Goodloading capabilities

Systems which integrate with Goodloading API will include functionalities allowing for the calculation of free and occupied LDMs as well as load arrangement within a cargo space. The algorithm analyzes names of loads and cargo spaces (semi-trailers or containers), their dimensions, load stacking, priority of arranging loads and space capacity. If the user describes rules for spacing and payload capacity, the algorithm will indicate whether the designed project exceeds axle loads.

Final calculations include a link to the project visualization together with animation of the sequence of loading of individual goods. The prepared project can be opened on any device with internet access.

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