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Digital assistants designed to help with specific tasks at work can make everyday much life easier without needing too much of our attention. For example, Assistant, a solution developed as part of the logistics platform, prevents the latest offers pertaining to freight and cargo space offers, as well as other important messages, from going unnoticed.

A wealth of information, instant access, and all in one place: This is what most people imagine a perfect assistant should be like. At the best of times, he quietly takes the back seat and speaks only when he has something really important to say. However, when something is forgotten or missed, he never fails to step up and save us from making a mistake.

This worthy soul has provided much of the inspiration for Assistant, a digital solution developed as part of the logistics platform Unlike its human predecessor, however, the digital assistant can be downloaded free of charge and installed on your computer.

Taskbar icon

Unlike Alexa, Siri, Cortana or Bixby, Assistant does not collect huge amounts of data, concentrating instead on the task specifically assigned to it: This is what one of the largest European freight exchanges looks like. The assistant from follows priorities, instructions and goals defined by the user. Users may be: Shippers, carriers or forwarders who use in their daily work. The assistant is a small icon, always visible in the Windows taskbar and notifies of any messages or offers which have been posted.

In fact, Assistant has long been a household name for loyal users. However, the application has now been re-designed and given a new lease of life. As before, it is fully compatible with Windows. That is why notifications from will always show up on the Windows taskbar even if the browser is closed. Assistant works in the background and is available to users who are not logged onto

Compact and clear

The moment a message or offer pertaining to freight/cargo space is posted on the platform, Assistant gives off a short acoustic signal that the user can select and configure. At this stage, the information provided is very condensed, clear and basic. More detailed data is available directly at the source from

Security and data protection are our top priority. Assistant is covered by the same high security standards as the platform, from which the application can be downloaded free of charge. Installing and using the assistant is one hundred percent safe.

The first time you activate the assistant, you need to log onto in your browser. A notification in a small window will show up in the lower right corner of the assistant. Now the assistant is ready to work.

A reliable information app

Once installed, Assistant keeps you up-to-date about all activities on the platform that are relevant to you. For example, new communications received by the Messenger can be displayed with a flashing envelope icon. The same applies to offers relating to freight or cargo space, or notifications about the most important events in the system. Assistant can be installed quickly in three steps:

  1. Download Assistant at
  2. Click on the downloaded file to start automatic installation. When the application is used on company-owned computers, the IT department’s approval should be asked.
  3. When you run the application for the first time, you need to be logged onto A notification shows up in the lower right corner. The assistant is active.

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