BP? Orlen? Shell? How to find the nearest gas station?

You are on the road and you have to refill at this one PARTICULAR station. You know it. Prices, discounts, good dinner. But what would you do if you were on a new route and didn’t know where is YOUR station? I’ll surprise you. You could use the TransParking app.

TransParking is a free app for truck drivers that mainly allowed drivers to find a parking space. Their creators decided to give a considerable gift to its users and added a new function called “stations and restaurants”. And so it happens, at this time it’s the only free smartphone allowing you to find a particular station or restaurant on the route.

How does it work? –Β It’s really simple.

1. Download the app from Google Play by clicking this link: (yes, right now the Android version is available).

2. Click the magnifying glass, that is, the “search” option. Select whether you want to look “within the radius” or “on the route” and select your location.

3. Select the station or restaurant icon. Next – you search for all of them or you select the particular one you want to navigate to. Let’s pick BP as an example. That’s it. Only BP stations will appear on your route.

What do I get from it?

Time and peace, first and foremost. Time – because you don’t need to spend hours searching the Web on the pages of different station operators where the nearest one is. Or, what’s even worse, compare maps with locations of stations belonging to different companies. TransParking has it all already and will search for you. Peace and quiet? Certainly! Thanks to the app with such a function you know exactly which exit to take and you don’t have to remember whether there is a station or a restaurant by this particular parking lot. What’s more, such a smart search engine is useful even if you finished your work and you go somewhere in your free time. Car drivers also have to refuel… not only with gas but also with good coffee πŸ˜‰

A few more words about TransParking?

Sure! Find out more about the app designed specifically for drivers – both the professional and private ones. With TransParking you can find your parking spot, search for a station and a restaurant and if you download maps beforehand, you’ll be able to use it even offline. The app is completely free and works throughout the whole Europe. It is also translated into many languages. It has received 4.6. on a 5-point scale from Google Play users. Read more at

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