AS Jupiter Plus – first Estonian company with TCC certificate!

tcc certificate

The company was established in 1990. Jupiter Plus AS (TransId: 683888) aimed to offer transport services for partners in Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Russia and Ukraine. Now AS Jupiter Plus is the first company in Estonia that gained Certified Carrier certificate!

Our start

In 1990 we only had one vehicle and a small office in a rental room. Today, thanks to 25 years of continuous work, we not only survived all the crises, gained priceless experience, increased the turnover but also proved our reliability as a carrier by gaining international TCC certificate.

Today we have more than 50 transport vehicles, which include 60–120 cubic meters trailers and semi-trailers, container vehicles and vehicles with refrigeration equipment. The surface of our warehouses is more than 10,000 sq.m and they are insured for 10 million Euros.Roman Sidorov, Jupiter Plus AS  director project manager

Directions and finding partners

We are working for a long time on the international market. We have some long term partners, but every year we also find new ones. We are participating in international trades and business forums where we find new companies to cooperate with. Some customers call us after seeing our trucks on the road, but nevertheless, in the age of the internet, the biggest part of customers and partners are found online. And that is one of the reasons we are using online freight exchange like System.

Directions that we work with? – We are transporting loads anywhere, where our partners are and where our professional team is required. Our drivers transport loads even to Italy and don’t refuse such orders like in Western Siberia.

Verifying companies

One of the most important steps is, of course, verifying a contractor. Nobody wants to be fooled or robbed. You can find different information like opinions or ratings on logistic websites. We always check how many years the company is on the market. In many countries, information about companies solvency is a public information. So we check that too. If the company has problems with payments, usually we treat it very carefully.


Our employees create the company. We have people from 18 to 76 years old and they all make a great team. The oldest one is working in our company for 23 years!

The atmosphere in the office is almost like home. We even have had a big dog in the past that old owners left in the warehouse. We took it to our main office, and it lived with us until 15 years. We also had a big Siberian cat, that lived in our office for 3 years, but one of the customs brokers took it home, an office is not the best place for a cat.

Work with

We are extremely glad that we have got to know It was not the first company offering online freight exchange services, but in System, everything is better organized and at the highest professional level. – Roman Sidorov, Jupiter Plus AS  director project manager says

There is a rating system, that we use often to verify contractor. You can share useful information with other companies if the company that you do business with does not pay on time or some other difficulties that you had while coworking.

When you work in, you don’t pick a cat in the bag, you know with whom you are working. All companies in this system are verified and you consciously make your decision with whom you want to work by checking opinions and solvency of contractors. We also are looking forward that mobile freight exchange TransExpress will be available for iPhones soon

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