A new solution for the Users

The Management Panel – a new solution in the System. From today, our first Users, thanks to the access to the management panel, will start a new stage in the work with our program. We provide you with a simple and intuitive tool which will allow you to search for information faster and manage data more efficiently.

System solutions employed in the panel now make it possible to intelligently combine the information about offers, fleet and counterparties gathered in the System, and enable precise matching of the information with the fleet. The panel has been designed so that all the information, for example about the offers, and functionalities related to it would be available for viewing in a single window. A similar structure has been applied to the data on the managed fleet, company and counterparties. It will allow you to save a lot of time and optimise your work. More »

The Control Panel consists of 4 modules:

    • The notification module

Which allows for immediate access to the list of all the operations performed by your company in the System. Here you will find, among others, the received notifications of references or ratings and annotations regarding the transactions made.

    • The Offers module

In which you will see the full list of current and archived company offers under one tab. You will be able to view the details of each offer and find out whether the transaction was completed. You can always resubmit the offer or create its template.

    • The Counterparties module

From now on you will be able to access the data on all counterparties gathered in one place, including the data on the counterparties from outside the System. You can add information or notes about the companies with which you have cooperated and thus share opinions with your colleagues.

    • The Fleet module

The Fleet module is a place where you can gather information about your fleet. The more information on the fleet is placed, the more matched load offers you will receive.

The Management Panel is a new free module created for the System Users in order to make the management of data in companies from the transport industry even easier.

Discover the functions offered by the management panel and benefit from modern solutions that were created in order to facilitate your daily work.

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