5 Android apps for drivers you should try

apps for drivers

There are plenty of apps that can make drivers life easier. Get familiar with a few of these that really deserve your attention. Especially if you’re a long distance driver. All the apps are free for Android. Check them out!

1. Drivemode: driver’s interface

Distraction by cell phones is the bane of our times. Drivemode is the perfect solution for those road users who can’t live without their cells. It allows a voice reply to text messages, e.g., Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, and the use of other applications – music player or navigation. It activates automatically when you connect to the docking station or Bluetooth. The app notifies of incoming messages and allows settomg up automatic replies.


Drivemode significantly simplifies the way you use your phone while driving. An innovative “no look” interface is based on hearing and peripheral vision. You’ll be surprised how much you can do without watching, only with voice messages, appropriate colors and animations that are not distracting. Download.

2. ICE – in case of emergency

Application that can save your health and life. It stores all the information needed for rescuers and doctors in case of an emergency. You can build contact list to notify others of an accident as well as to save information on taken medication, illnesses, allergies and other medical information.


Special alarm button lets you send the emergency text message to everyone on your contact list, including data downloaded from the GPS. Contact persons are immediately informed of any life-threatening situation and your current position. ICEcard application is ads free. Download.

3. TransParking – find a parking lot on the route

Every day thousands of drivers from all over Europe face the same problem: to find a parking space. TransParking comes to their aid. It was created specifically for truck drivers. With this free application you can easily find free parking space on the route and check if it includes other facilities, i.e., a shower.


TransParking  helps drivers to find the nearest car park or search all along the planned route. In the description of each car park you find there is information about available amenities, i.e., showers, restaurants, car wash, gym, Wi-Fi, security.

Drivers can manually add parking lots to the app and inform other users about occupancy. Designers also made it possible to search for a parking lot without connecting to the Internet. The community of users is gradually growing. So is the car parks database. Download.

4. AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox

This application is a real black box of your vehicle. It allows you to record high-definition videos and take pictures during the journey, save them, share on YouTube or send by e-mail.


Recording is done in the background so it doesn’t disturb work of other applications while driving, i.e., GPS. Recording starts automatically when the phone is placed in the docking station or has the Bluetooth connection. Download.

5. Real Truck Parking 3D

Finally, the app for those who consider taking up the driver’s profession and would like to see how it is to park a truck. It is a perfect option the beginners. Download.


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