Higher rates, lower transport costs?

Trans for Shippers connects the shipper with carriers located near them and allows for flexible planning of transport. The organisation of the transport process as well as efficient cost optimisation are already supported by algorithms.

Perfect match thanks to algorithms

Trans for Shippers provides ready tools compatible the idea of the 4.0 logistics. The solutions for analysing current rates and matching the carrier to the freight are the new dimension of transport management. They provide the planner with data necessary for devising activities throughout the whole year, taking into consideration all issues relevant in the business.

The algorithms suggest specific steps to the user:

  • Current freight rates – the price range for similar types of freight, which provides the planner with the basis for correct valuation of transport.
  • Carriers for specific freight – SmartMatch offers to shippers the possibility to work with partners who meet key criteria, such as: certificates, fleet, and location.

Searching for a truck nearby Platform solutions introduce a new idea of saving in transport. Increasing transport costs translate to the need to look for ways to optimally distribute expenses. The ability to choose transport companies who own trucks near the loading area is one of the most important steps to achieve this goal. Since there is no need to cover additional commuting fees, it is possible offer good rates to local partners. The risk of delay in loading is also lower – the driver has a shorter distance to cover.

Automation and flexibility in transport planning

TfS also makes it possible to automatically assigning carriers to freight. Using publication rules, the system independently searches for a partner based on the most important guidelines. The tool moves over to subsequent pre-programmed steps of searching for the carrier, until it succeeds. The Platform exchange also can become an important tool for the shipper. It allows them to find spare vehicles when it is urgent. Important: appropriate publication rules configuration allows to specify rates or negotiate prices. The user can use the “Buy now” option which will assign the freight to the first carrier who accepts the offer.

A digital logistics platform grants access to data bringing logistics to a new dimension in transport process organisation. Trans for Shippers provides tools necessary to increase the efficiency of operations when transport costs are at a rise.

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