Successful measures only in freight forwarding

Shortening the way to the carrier is today’s role of logistics 4.0. Thanks to Trans for Forwarders algorithms, the forwarder works faster and optimizes their working time and transport costs.

1. An algorithm matching the carrier to the load

Trans for Forwarders expands the existing transport organization tools’ capabilities and introduces an important change. The smart system partially takes over the forwarder’s duties and solves the problem of matching the carrier to the load. SmartMatch was created so that it could automatically propose partners for cooperation. The algorithm sends the offer for the load only to carriers meeting the established criteria: certification, fleet, and location.

2. Profitable freight, or choosing a vehicle nearby

New solutions favor real savings. Thanks to the possibility of choosing carriers who are in possession of trucks near the loading location, the forwarder can avoid additional costs and delays before loading. Since they do not need to cover additional commuting fees, they are able to offer good rates to their local partners.

3. Automation means real savings

More functions allow to transparently categorize the received offers, automatically offer freight to fixed carrier groups, and to automate subsequent stages of the search for carriers. Using automatic publication rules together with well-configured groups is the implementation of the fire-and-forget principle in the world of logistics. The system guides to the destination by itself and moves over to subsequent pre-programmed steps of searching for the carrier until it succeeds. The forwarder can use this time to devote themselves 100% to other duties.

4.0 solutions dedicated to forwarders

  • Trans for Forwarders allows making automatic offers for freight to regular carriers.
  • SmartMatch gives access to new carriers, precisely matched to the chosen route.
  • The algorithm finds carriers who are available in the vicinity of the loading location when regular carriers are unavailable.
  • Trans for Forwarders automatic rules simplify the forwarder’s daily work.

All the activities carried out on the logistics platform have for their purpose to facilitate everyday work in transport. Thanks to the platform, it is now possible to replace labor-consuming tasks with tools.

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