TransTask – Tasks for the Drivers

Easy and quick sending the tasks to drivers.
Better than text messaging, reliable and easy to use.

TransTask is a free tool and a mobile application installed on your driver's telephone.

It enables you to effectively manage tasks for the drivers and get full information on their execution.

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  1. How to add an employee of the driver status to the Platform?

    × An employee of the „Driver“ status can be added to the Platform by an authorised user from the given company by clicking the "Add a driver" button (the Tasks for the Driver module). The role of a the driver can be also assigned to an employee already added to the System (the Company module > Manage the Employee > Account Type). If you do not know who is the authorised user in the Platform at your company, you just need to expand the Select the Driver window – the full name of the person will be placed at the bottom (the Tasks for the Driver module)
  2. Is the TransTask application free?

    × The TransTask tool is free for all Platform subscribers.
  3. On what tools does the TransTask application operates?

    × The TransTask mobile application for the driver operates on Android phones.
  4. How much data from the data packet does the TransTask mobile application uses?

    × The TransTask mobile application's average data usage is 15-25 MB per month. * Simulation based on the criteria: daily usage of the TransTask application. A photo from the application (approx. 1 MB) sent once a day to the System.
  5. Can I use the TransTask mobile application without a web data packet, e.g. when the driver is abroad?

    × Yes, it is possible to communicate with the Platform offline through the with special encrypted text messages. That ensures two-way communication between the driver and the dispatcher.

TransTask is a completely free tool!

If you are a Platform user, you receive the Tasks for the Driver module for free, as part of the subscription.

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What is so special about the TransTask tasks for the driver?

Full integration with the Platform and TransOrders.

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