TCC – Certificate for Carriers

Confirmation of the highest quality carrier services


Benefits for the carrier

  • greater trust among the customers
  • easier task acquisition
  • competitive advantages
  • promoting the company in the Platform
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Benefits for the customer

  • easy selection of a carrier from the best and verified companies
  • higher load transport security
  • guarantee of a high quality of services
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The most important criteria distinguishing companies with the TCC certificate

  • at least 3-year experience on the market
  • very good references from the counterparties
  • experience backed by a large number of executed orders
  • modern vehicle fleet equipped with GPS system
  • solid carrier's liability insurance
  • good financial condition
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  • 1.

    Core business of the company is transport services.

  • 2.

    The company has conducted business activities for at least 3 years.

  • 3.

    The company has a very good feedback from their counterparties.

  • 4.

    The company executes a lot of orders and has the highest carrier ratings the Platform.

  • 5.

    The company has a modern and eco-friendly vehicle fleet equipped with GPS system.

  • 6.

    The company has all required documents added to the company's profile in the Platform (tax ID number, National Court Register number/entry in the register, national/international licence, Certificate of Professional Competence, carrier's liability insurance with payment confirmation, and other additional permits and certificates).

  • 7.

    Insurance coverage includes assault and robbery, leaving the vehicle in an unguarded car park.

  • 8.

    The sum insured covers every event.

  • 9.

    The company is not recorded in any economic information bureau undermining payment capability of the entrepreneur in the last year.

  • 10.

    No current debt tender offers published on the Debt Exchange within the Platform.

  • 11.

    The entrepreneur's activities are confirmed in the government databases (whether the company has not suspended its business operations or whether it is not insolvent)

  • 12.

    The company has current data on the company's vehicle fleet (year made, accessories, number of trucks) in the Platform.

What distinguishes the TCC certificate?

  • certified companies are monitored monthly
  • during the verification, the most current opinions of the customers are taken into consideration
  • a certified company does not pay for examining a request

Privileges of the certified transport companies

The TCC certificate companies are marked in the Platform

Information on the certificate is visible in an offer at the exchange.

The TCF logo is on the company profile.

List of certified companies

Below you can check if the selected company has a valid TCC certificate

We will provide you with TCC logo for the truck

Marking of your fleet distinguishes your business on the road. We will gladly help you mark larger fleets.

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The TCC certification programme is supported by 2 important institutions: Main Inspectorate of Road Transport and the “Transport and Logistics Poland" (Transport i Logistyka Polska) employers' association.

The collaboration is intended to promote a positive image of the Polish road transport and increasing the competitiveness of Polish carriers on the European market.

Discounts on services from the companies of the Group

  • reduced fee and a dedicated phone number for TCC customers

  • individual offers for accessories and services

  • cheaper carrier's liability insurance

  • special offer for legal services

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