Changes in TransRisk. Index more sensitive to debtors and the latest ratings

Dmitrij Sadovskij 5.05.2020

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Due to the increasingly difficult payment situation on the transport market, emerging payment backlogs, and the increased risk of cooperation with unreliable orderers, we have decided to launch the “Transaction Security Improvement Program on”. We are introducing important changes to the TransRisk index so that it better reflects the current condition of the company ordering loads through our platform.

What is TransRisk?

TransRisk index is a special indicator of the payment reliability of a company ordering loads through the Platform. It presents the current situation of the company and helps the user make decisions about establishing possible cooperation with the contractor. The solution works based on a special algorithm that converts data from several sources on an ongoing basis and, as a result, is presented on a 5-point scale by the company profile on

  • Super payer
  • Very good payer
  • Good payer
  • Average payer
  • Poor payer

When calculating the index, the following factors are taken into account:

  • Payment practices (debt exchange, debt collection cases)
  • Activity on the Platform (transactions concluded, ratings received)
  • Links (capital and personal)
  • Basic data (e.g. legal form, experience on the market, experience on
  • Financial data (current indicators and trends of changes, financial security)

The indicator has been changed in such a way that it reacts even faster and more effectively to any new events related to non-payment (especially debt) of the company offering loads on

What do we change in TransRisk?

The index has been changed in such a way that it reacts even faster and more efficiently to any new events related to non-payment (especially debt) of the user offering loads.

From now on, the Index for each payer will also be calculated automatically. This is to eliminate attempts to hide payment practices by avoiding the display of TransRisk. In a situation where it is impossible to calculate the index due to insufficient data (e.g. no transactions, no ratings), an appropriate warning will be displayed next to the index.

Changes in the index are the next step in our offensive of improving security on our platform.

In the next stages of our activities, there will appear, among others, changes in the regulations of granting access to and tightening of criteria for the safety of functioning in the community, as well as the elimination of avoiding transactions or evaluation.

As part of the program, we will also provide quick and reliable payment for freight commissioned on Together with TransCash, we will review our debt collection processes.

All this is to ensure that transactions on the platform are safe and secure!

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