TOP 5 companies 2022

They have a large number of freight and transport offers, a large number of transactions, a large number of positive reviews and are reliable payers – the qualities that best describe the most active Platform companies in the Baltics. continue its 10-year tradition of electing the most active companies on the Platform. Each year we select the companies with the highest bid-to-deal ratio, on-time payments and particularly good ratings.

In order to provide a reliable and fair assessment, we evaluate companies based on data collected from user activity on the Platform. Each company receives a certain number of points for the criteria listed below. This year, we have selected the TOP 5 in each Baltic country separately.

Companies are selected according to the following criteria:

✅ Conversion of confirmed transactions.

✅ Timely payments. The company has a reputation as a good payer, as evidenced by the fact that there are no or very few reports about the user on the Report a Debtor platform.

✅ An increase in the percentage of positive ratings.

Congratulations to all the companies in the top 5!


After the congratulations, we took the opportunity to ask our most active companies how they are doing on the Platform and to ask for useful tips that we hope will be useful and will be used by other users of our Platform. First of all, we asked for your opinion on the evaluation system. The answer of the representative of Naurida UAB was: “Yes, the evaluation system is important. The system makes it possible to create an image quickly and conveniently. I never ask for ratings. All the evaluations were written on the initiative of the partners themselves, which I think is much more valuable.”

When asked why you use the transaction confirmation function on the Platform with partners, the answer was: ”It’s a very convenient option, which is kind of obliging, but at the same time it gives you a feeling of “security” and the opportunity to evaluate the partners work and to be evaluated yourself.”

What can you recommend to a partner starting out on the platform?

“It’s a must-try, especially if you are working with the Polish market, with carriers – has no competitors on this market.”


In response to a question about why you use the transaction confirmation function on the Platform with your partners, Krists Upītis said that it is a safer way of working together. “In case of problematic situations that cannot be resolved in the normal way, there is an opportunity to share your opinion and to let others know about the bad cooperation, which would help others to avoid it.”

Is the platform one of your managers’ main working tools?

“Yes, it’s definitely one of the main tools, but not the only one.”


Jelena Dmitrijeva, Director of GOLDWAY INTERNATIONAL OÜ, commented on the rating system: ”The TRANS.EU rating system is important because it gives you an insight into how a company is performing and the feedback can help you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of partners. Some carriers provide their own ratings, but usually a reminder is necessary because the partners we have been working with for many years do not feel the need to waste time on evaluations.”

She also mentioned that the Platform is her only working tool (finding carriers = selling freight).

What do you think is important for a manager to get the most value from the platform as a tool?

,,Be able to work on the Platform and be interested in new features. Be able to execute and adhere to all agreements agreed with the partners at the time of the transaction.”

Most used and favourite tools

When asked which tool/module on the Platform companies use the most and which one they like the most, the majority of the most active customers mentioned that they use the basic, user-friendly functions such as:

✅ Loads uploading;

✅ Transport Exchange;

✅ Loads search;

✅ Ratings;

✅ Communicator.

When we asked companies how they choose partners to work on the platform and what is important, we got the following answers:

✅ “When looking for partners on the platform, it is important to take into account the ratings, the way you communicate and the responsiveness.”

✅, “We usually choose our partners based on the ranking provided by Communication with the other party is also important, sometimes people just don’t answer questions.”

✅ “Professionalism, competence, ability and willingness to cooperate are key. It is also important that the manager/driver is always in contact and follows the terms of the contract.”

  • Jelena Dmitrijeva
  • “I think TRANS.EU has professional staff, excellent IT, sales, transport logistics and customer service. The software is moving with the times and always gives customers new opportunities to customise the TRANS.EU platform modules specifically for their companies.”

Thank you to our customers for their comments and we wish you success in your work and transactions!

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