New opportunities for Carriers on the “” Platform

Dmitrij Sadovskij 12.10.2020

New opportunities for Carriers on the "" Platform

Today, the work of carriers is increasingly focused on simplifying work processes, reducing costs, keeping existing customers and finding new ones. The changing business environment, especially the increasing competition in domestic and foreign markets, encourages transport companies to look for new opportunities that give them an advantage, exclusivity, and higher profitability.

Business automation workflow has become one of the success factors in the modern world. That allows the company to achieve much more ambitious goals, eliminate unprofitable processes, and increase company profits.

A fresh way of working for the carrier

Recently, we have added new functions to the “” platform that facilitate the daily work of the carrier with the shipper.

Time is of the essence in logistics, and the winner is the one who quickly resolves the requests of shippers. Now you will receive offers from your regular and verified partners through the “” Platform. The module for working with groups of carriers helps to optimize logistics processes and also saves time for both the carrier and the shipper.

Why it is worth to work with your shippers through the “” Platform:

  • You will receive a special offers that are not listed on the freight exchange
  • Simple handling of freight from regular contractors
  • Monitoring required by shippers and easy status determination
  • Fleet integration with telematics

Where to find special offers and how to negotiate with your partners

1. In the Freights module you will find various load offers.You can decide whether you want to accept the offer immediately or negotiate the rate.

Freights module

2. In price-proposed offers, you can start negotiations by entering your price proposal in the negotiation window. You can also “ACCEPT” such offers immediately or choose not to accept them by clicking “NOT THIS TIME” button.

You can also accept such offers immediately

3. If you decide to negotiate – enter your rate in the “RATE” field and select the “NEGOTIATE” button to send your proposal to the contractor.

"Rate" field and select the "Negotiate"

4. The status “WAITING FOR ACCEPTANCE” means that the contractor has received your offer. Wait for his reply.

Waiting for acceptance

5. Changing the status to “ACCEPTED” means that the contractor has finally approved the transaction.

 contractor has finally approved the transaction.

Other possibilities

Don’t forget to complete your profile as well – add vehicle fleet and telematics.

❗ This point is important, because a lot of shippers now requires freight monitoring, and to do this through the “” Platform, it is necessary to add a fleet of vehicles, telematics and drivers.

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