10 tips how to work effectively with trusted carriers on the Trans.eu Platform

Dmitrij Sadovskij 3.09.2020

10 ways to work effectively with trusted carriers on the Trans.eu Platform

The module for working with trusted carriers is becoming more and more popular among shippers and forwarders. This form of cooperation entails many benefits. In short, it allows you to cut down costs and save time thanks to the automated process of transport ordering.

Our expert, Marcin Haładuda, answers the most often asked questions from the Platform users and advice what to do to make this form of cooperation bring the best results.

  • Marcin Chaładuda
  • Marcin Haładuda
  • Leader of the digitisation team of forwarders and shippers activities at “Trans.eu”, responsible for customer support and development of digitisation project and certification of shipping and manufacturing companies.

1. Why is it wise to use groups?

The new form of communication with trusted partners is much more effective and less time-consuming than email or telephone communication. It allows you to maintain good relations with subcontractors and increases the security of transactions. Thanks to a systemic approach to the organisation of transport, it enables information management. The history of the negotiations is available at any time, including information on how many carriers were interested in a load and the prices that were proposed for a freight in a specific direction. 

2. Which companies can benefit from this form of cooperation? 

All companies that have freight to be transported can use this form of publication.

3. Who can I add to the group?

Include in the group such carriers with whom you already work regularly. Working in groups is to enhance communication with trusted carriers who will not be surprised that your company sends cargo to them.

4. What if I do not have trusted carriers or do not have enough of them?

There is no such thing as “not enough”.  You can work in this formula with several companies that carry out orders for us. Of course, you can use the carriers available on the Trans.eu Platform and select companies that provide transport services toward interest and the vehicle. It is important that these are not random companies, but those potentially interested in the transport of our cargo and those whose integrity is confirmed by reviews, safety rankings or certificates.

5. How many carriers should I add to the group?

It’s hard to say whether it should be 5 or 25 carriers. It is worth to add companies with which you already have some experience. It is better to make a smaller group, e.g. 3-10 companies that will surely be interested in the posted load.

It is worth mentioning that you can add one carrier to several groups at your discretion.

6. Is it a good idea to create various groups?

Here, too, you are free to do what you want. Our users most often form groups whose key is the direction (route) or the car.

It will be helpful to choose the right name for a group and add a description that suggests what type of carriers is in it. For example, if you regularly add freights on domestic routes for coolers, it would be a good idea to create a group called, for example, “PL Coolers,” and include in it carries that you know have a fleet with these vehicles and conduct transport in Poland.

You can also catalogue your customers in terms of quality. You can name such a group “Preferred” and add the most trusted subcontractors to it. 

7. I have created the groups. What’s next?

Then you add the carrier to the group, they are not informed about it. Also, they do not know how many other companies are in the group. They will only receive a notification that you have added a freight offer for them. If you do not inform them about the new form of cooperation, it may surprise them. Therefore, it is very important to ensure proper communication after defining the groups.

8. How to inform the carrier about the changed form of cooperation? 

There are many possibilities—it all depends on your preferences. Our users most often choose the email form, but you can also use a telephone or messenger. Working in groups is to help you systematise cooperation with carriers and increase the security of the supply chain, so it is worth obliging the carrier to enter price proposals in the freight window. Thanks to this, you can view all carrier offers in one place, choosing the best offer.

How to inform the carrier about the changed form of cooperation? 

Links you can send to the carrier:

9. Stick to the rules set out with the carrier

To make the implementation of the new working method effective and to bring benefits to both parties, combine proper communication with carriers with a declaration that the freight offered using the groups module is freight that is priority-sent only to them and will not be visible on the exchange for a specified period. Follow this principle, and you will soon see the effects of such cooperation.

10. Don’t be afraid to try it!

Finally, the most important thing: do not hesitate, just try this new convenient posting form. It does not involve any costs for you. The only small fee (a few PLN) is charged to the carrier, and only if you cooperate. The transport commissioning system described here is a real revolution in contact with trusted subcontractors. You can enhance your carrier selection process and organise your transport digitally, saving both time and money.

If you would like to learn more about how to create Trusted Carrier Groups, visit our HelpCenter.

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