Description of available fields and its values in single contractor entity.

Field Example Type Description
partners Array of objects List of partners from contractors module d1da6d90-b787-4086-a515-09a82203eabf String Partner id used to identify on partners list
NOTE: it is not a company id
partners.groups Array of objects List of groups a partner is a member of 8460ce1a-a74b-488f-8fb7-df969e7a5aef String Group id Group name String Group name
partners.groups.description Example description String Group description Object Partner’s company details Object Address PL String Country using ISO values Wrocław String Name of the city 12 String Number 19-598 String Postal code Street 72 String Street name String Email 0048 111111111 String Fax number POSITIVE String Financial verification status 1038201 Int Company id (OfficeId) Example name String Company name Object List of assigned permissions True Boolean Authorization status False Boolean Determines if company has been blocked
True Boolean Authorization status CARRIER String Company roles: carrier, shipper, forwarder ACTIVE String Cooperation status – can be ACTIVE or SUSPENDED 0048 111111111 String Telephone number PL11111111111 String Company VAT number or other tax identification

Json example

  "page": 1,
  "page_count": 5,
  "page_size": 15,
  "partners": [
      "id": "d1da6d90-b787-4086-a515-09a82203eabf",
      "groups": [
          "id": "8460ce1a-a74b-488f-8fb7-df969e7a5aef",
          "name": "Group name",
          "description": "Example description"
      "company": {
        "address": {
          "country": "PL",
          "locality": "Wrocław",
          "number": null,
          "postal_code": "19-598",
          "street": "Street 72"
        "email": "",
        "fax": "0048 111111111",
        "financial_verification_status": "POSITIVE",
        "id": 1038201,
        "name": "Example name",
        "permissions": {
          "is_authorized": true,
          "is_blocked": false,
          "was_authorized_at_least_once": true
        "roles": [
        "status": "ACTIVE",
        "telephone": "0048 111111111",
        "vat_id": "PL11111111111"