This method allows you to report unloading of the load from specific transportation order. It is available for sent and received orders for Shippers and Carriers.

You can confirm unloading after prior confirmation of arrival or by skipping this step.

Url parameters and connection settings

  • URL:
  • Endpoint: /ext/orders-api/v1/orders-created/{orderId}/unloaded
  • Method: POST


  • Content-type: application/json
  • Accept: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
  • Api-key: {unique_app_api-key}

Authorization and access

Authorization process is described here. Each API request must also consist of unique Api-key obtained during application registration together with client_id and client_secret.


You can confirm order in statuses – waiting-for-arrival-confirmation, waiting-for-unloading-confirmation or waiting-for-confirmation.

Json Example Type Is required Description
unloading_declaration not-in-full String Yes
Must have not-in-full or in-full value
claims test claim String Yes/No
Must consist of min 5 signs. If the “unloading_declaration” has “in-full” value, “claims” is not required.
arrived_at 2021-10-22T11:00:00+0600 Timestamp Yes/No
Value is required for orders in status: “waiting-for-arrival-confirmation”


Example of minimum request for order in status “waiting-for-arrival-confirmation”

  "unloading_declaration": "in-full",
  "arrived_at": "2021-10-22T11:00:00+0600"


Example of minimum request for order in status “waiting-for-unloading-confirmation”

  "unloading_declaration": "in-full"



Response for properly given order id is HTTP code 204 with no content.