Refresh publication of previously published freight using freight exchange publication.

Url parameters and connection settings

Endpoint: /ext/freights-api/v1/freights​/{freightId}​/refresh_publication
Method: PUT


  • Content-type: application/json
  • Accept: application/json
  • Authorization: Bearer {access_token}
  • Api-key: {unique_app_api-key}

Authorization and access

Authorization process is described here. Each API request must also consist of unique Api-key obtained during application registration together with client_id and client_secret.

For accessing freights API no additional scopes are set, therefore the scope parameter can be left empty.

Refreshing freight publication details

To refresh freight publication an empty PUT request has to be send to appropriate endpoint. If refresh was successful, there will be a 200 OK response code received and freight will appear once again on the very top of freights list in freight exchange module.

​Terms and conditions

  • refreshing freight publication is available every 15 minutes
  • freight parameters do not change after refreshing publication
  • it is not possible to change dates, spots and other freight details