Freight publication statuses

Descrip­tion of avail­able freight pub­li­ca­tion and activ­i­ty sta­tus­es

Depending on freight lifecycle, it can use one of below statuses:

Sta­tusDescrip­tionAvail­able meth­ods
newFreight was cre­at­ed and pub­lishedPub­lish freight
unsuccessful_publicationPub­li­ca­tion errorPub­lish again
waiting_for_offersFreight is pub­lished, car­ri­ers are allowed to send offers, no offers has been receivedCan­cel pub­li­ca­tion
choose_carrierReceived price offers for freightChoose offer, nego­ti­ate price con­di­tions, can­cel pub­li­ca­tion
accept­edFreight pub­li­ca­tion is com­plet­ed, car­ri­er has been cho­senArchive