Description of available fields and its values in vehicle object with mandatory fields marked.

Field Example Type Is required Description
country pl string No Country ISO value
kind lorry string No Vehicle kind
manufacturer Robur string No Manufacturer
model UL1938 string No Model
registration_plate_number DB 7856 string Yes Number plates
specifications {} Object Yes Vehicle specification
specifications.adr_classes adr_1 string Yes Array of adr classes
specifications.axle_amount 4 int Yes Axle amount
specifications.cargo_space_capacity 24 float Yes Cargo space capacity (range 0.001-99.9)
specifications.cargo_space_height 2.05 float Yes Cargo space height (range 0.01-10)
specifications.cargo_space_length 5 float Yes Cargo space length (range 0.01-100)
specifications.cargo_space_volume 21 float Yes Cargo space volume (range 0.01-10000)
specifications.cargo_space_width 2 float Yes Cargo space width (range 0.01-10)
specification.combustion_level 25 float Yes Combustion level
specifications.combustion_norm EURO 6 string Yes Combustion norm
specifications.engine_capacity 190O int Yes Engine capacity
specifications.equipments gps, lift array Yes Equipments
specifications.fuel_type diesel string Yes Fuel type
specifications.pallets Object Yes Palettes type and amount
specifications.pallets.amount 5 int Yes Amount of allowed palettes (0-50)
specifications.pallets.type europalette string Yes Allowed pallette types
specifications.permissable_axle_load 5 int Yes Permissable axle load
specifications.permissable_total_weight 20 int Yes Permissable total weight
specifications.permissable_trailer_weight 15 int Yes Permisable trailer weight
specifications.vehicle_height 6 int Yes Vehicle height (range 0.01-10)
specifications.vehicle_length 6 int Yes Vehicle length (range 0.01-100)
specifications.vehicle_width 4 int Yes Vehicle width (range 0.01-10)
specifications.ways_of_loading top array Avaiable ways of loading vehicle
specifications.year_of_production 1984 int Yes Year of production
specifications.status IMPORTED string Yes Vehicle status
specifications.sub_type food-tanker string Yes Sub type
specifications.type tanker string Yes Type
specifications.vehicle_id 6006 int Yes Unique id 234ggjhk342342k234 string Yes Vehicle VIN number

Json example

  "country": "pl",
  "kind": "lorry",
  "manufacturer": "VOLVO",
  "model": "F10",
  "registration_plate_number": "DTR 1234",
  "specifications": {
    "adr_classes": [
    "axle_amount": 4,
    "cargo_space_capacity": 24,
    "cargo_space_height": 2.05,
    "cargo_space_length": 5,
    "cargo_space_volume": 21,
    "cargo_space_width": 2.05,
    "combustion_level": 25,
    "combustion_norm": "EURO 6",
    "engine_capacity": 1900,
    "equipments": [
    "fuel_type": "diesel",
    "pallets": {
      "amount": 5,
      "type": "europalette"
    "permissible_axle_load": 5,
    "permissible_total_weight": 20,
    "permissible_trailer_weight": 15,
    "vehicle_height": 3,
    "vehicle_length": 6,
    "vehicle_width": 4,
    "ways_of_loading": [
    "year_of_production": 2018
  "status": "IMPORTED",
  "subtype": "food-tanker",
  "type": "tanker",
  "vehicle_id": 60006,
  "vin": "234ggjhk342342k234"