New statuses of TransRisk Index

new-transrisk-indexAs of February 2012 TransRisk – the index of financial credibility in system, has new statuses. The new names are simpler and straightforward, which makes it easier for carriers to decide on a given contractor.

New statuses are the result of clients’ requests, especially those who are regarded as the best payers on the exchange. Therefore, they can be distinguished from the others. Changes in statuses are visible in the offer table, company details or TransRisk and Ratings tab. The point scale remains unchanged. The table below shows both old and new statuses of the Index.

Within 3 last years TransRisk Index has been calculated by the Financial Risk Management Department and granted to nearly 3000 companies from the exchange, half of which are the Polish companies. ‘The Index calculation is usually requested by the payers who want to gain an advantage in the severe competition on the market. That is why nowadays more and more companies aim to be transparent. TransRisk is a means of achieving it’, says Piotr Sobala, who deals with applications for TransRisk calculation.

New statuses of TransRisk Index

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